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If you have recently noticed suspicious holes in the corner of your cereal boxes or have discovered that something chewed through the wires connected to your washing machine, it is high time to call our team at Bold Servicing. Rodents are dangerous and destructive creatures that will not only damage your property but will spread horrific diseases to you and those you care about. 

Because they are so good at both hiding and breeding exponentially, a couple of rodents can quickly multiply into hundreds. Let our experts cast out this stubborn plague of pests from your property with our proven treatments for rodent control in Tampa.

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The Importance of Getting Rid of a Rodent Population Quickly

If you’ve ever come across a rat or a mouse in your Tampa residence or business, then you know just how unsettling it can be. These greedy little creatures will eat you out of house and home, glutting themselves on just about anything they can find in your cabinets and closets. They have also been known to damage property with their incessant chewing, gnawing on just about anything around, from your antique furniture to expensive instruments, even cutting through wiring systems and creating dangerous electrical fires.

However, rodent infestations aren’t just unsettling to have around; they’re dangerous, too. Rodents are very adept at spreading harmful bacteria and human pathogens, not just directly, but through the other pests they carry into your homes, such as fleas, mites, and ticks. You and your family may suffer from dangerous diseases borne by rats and mice, from leptospirosis to Salmonella to hantavirus. Prevent the long-term consequences of a rodent infestation by immediately seeking our dedicated support for eliminating these intruders from your property.

How to Tell if Rodents Have Invaded Your Home

The first steps for getting rid of a rodent problem is identifying that you have one in the first place. By being alert to the warning signs that there are many intruders on the loose in your house or business, you can reach out to our experts right away.

Some of the clear signals that rodents are trespassing on your property include:

  • Chewed-up food boxes and holes in containers located in your cabinets and cellars
  • Small, oval mouse droppings scattered around your furniture, appliances, and food products
  • The presence of musty or acrid odors of rodent urine and feces 
  • Frayed wires or gnawed furniture and equipment
  • Messy nests made from paper, cloth, stuffing, cardboard, and other materials
  • Scurrying and squeaking noises during the night

Trustworthy Elimination Techniques & Technology

Here at Bold Servicing, our technicians are specialists who are up to date with the most recent methodology for thoroughly eradicating rodents from your property. Our bait stations and live traps are based on proven tests that demonstrate their efficiency at attracting and then catching mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, and other rodents. 

Not only do we destroy your rodent population, but we can even utilize specialized strobe lights in your attic. This advanced innovation in technology works to completely drive off future populations that might be tempted to return. When paired with traps as well as our work to seal off your property’s entry points, these strobe lights are the icing on the cake of rodent control in Tampa.

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Pest Control Plans
Part of offering a customized approach means offering a variety of plans so that you can pick the one that best fits the needs of your property!

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    “I use Bold for my pest control and they have been great! The techs Marcus and Rich are really top notch and possess amazing customer service.”

    Delfina E.

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