What are cockroaches?

Flattened oval-shaped insects that thrive in Florida, cockroaches are pests that most people are familiar with and that nobody wants to deal with. Cockroaches are scavengers that feed on many of the same foods we do, which along with moisture, attracts these pests to our properties.

close up of cockroach

Below are some of the species of cockroaches that call the Tampa area home.

  • German cockroaches are small tan-colored roaches with two dark stripes running between their head and thorax.

  • American cockroaches are large reddish-brown roaches with a pale yellow marking right behind their head. The yellow mark looks similar to a figure-eight.

  • Brown-banded cockroaches are another small cockroach species that is dark brown with two lighter brown bands moving across the wings.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

The most significant reason why people are opposed to having roaches share their property is because of how dangerous they are. Cockroaches establish large populations very quickly, and having hundreds of these pests scurrying over your home’s surfaces and food sources, is a significant health risk.

Salmonellosis, E. coli, and dysentery are all spread by cockroaches, along with other diseases that can affect a person’s gastric system. Cockroaches also carry on their bodies a wide variety of parasites. Their excrement and shed skins trigger respiratory allergies and skin allergies; in young kids, the presence of cockroaches can be a factor in developing asthma.

Why do I have a cockroach problem?

Cockroaches are in your home either by finding a way in on their own or after accidentally being introduced in something like a box, piece of furniture, delivery, or potted plant.

German cockroaches and brown-banded are known for mainly living indoors, so their main transportation mode is hitchhiking.

American cockroaches live both indoors and outdoors and often find their way into structures through drains, vents, or spaces around windows and doors. 

Where will I find cockroaches?

Brown-banded cockroaches don’t have high moisture needs like other roaches. They prefer areas of a home that are warm but dry. Well-ventilated attics, upper parts of cabinets, wall voids away from water pipes, and behind wood trim are popular hangouts for these roaches. 

German cockroaches do have high moisture needs and prefer to live in the damp, warm areas of Florida homes. Poorly ventilated crawl spaces, areas behind large appliances, and wall voids behind sinks or tubs are areas of a house where German cockroaches gather. 

American cockroaches also prefer warm, damp areas. They live in kitchens, bathrooms, and crawl spaces. American cockroaches like to rest on trees behind their bark and under mulch in flowerbeds and garden areas when living outside.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Unfortunately, cockroaches are a pest that thrives in Florida and can make themselves at home inside any home or business. At Bold Servicing, we understand how stressful dealing with cockroaches is and will act fast, providing you with the necessary services to remove these pests and prevent them from returning. Our premium, full-service cockroach control options in Tampa, FL are not only convenient and effective but also eco-friendly. To learn more about keeping your Tampa Bay Area home or business cockroach-free, call us today!

How can I prevent cockroaches in the future?

Here are some prevention tips to help keep cockroaches and other pests out of your Florida home.

  • Always inspect deliveries, boxes, and potted plants for cockroaches before bringing them into your home. 

  • Inspect your home’s exterior, sealing any spaces you discover around windows and doors and the foundation.

  • Place covers over vents and close openings around utilities (wires and pipes) moving into your home.

  • Store your food and pet food either in hard-sided containers with locking lids or the fridge.

  • Regularly wash dishes, vacuum, and wipe down counters to get rid of crumbs that cockroaches can utilize as a food source.

  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels in your home.

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