Spring Pests in Your Yard

spring pests on flower

We specialize in identifying, targeting, and treating common spring pests. With the arrival of spring, a magical transformation is taking place in the natural world. The land is slowly returningĀ to life as the soil thaws, and the flowers are beginning to blossom, displaying a kaleidoscope of colors, an enchanting sight to behold. For those living in the Midwest, spring is a much-awaited event that brings a sense of renewal and revitalization.

However, with the return of spring comes the awakening of insects that have been in hibernation during the cold, winter months. These tiny creatures come out of their hiding places and into homes in search of food and water. It is important to be vigilant during this time and take measures to keep these uninvited guests at bay. While spring may be a beautiful season filled with new life and growth, it's also a reminder to prepare for the arrival of pests and insects that come along with it. These common spring pests are likely found in your yard or home.


Unlike the famous groundhog, it is the diligent ant who truly announces the changing of the seasons. Ants, tiny yet mighty, are social insects living in highly coordinated communities. They are hardly ever seen alone, as their very nature compels them to move together in straight lines. They use pheromones to communicate with one another, relaying messages of survival like where to find sustenance or a new shelter. When you see ants scurrying about in the warm spring sunshine, you know that winter’s grip has finally been cast aside, and the natural cycle of growth and renewal has begun once more.


Ants prefer moist dark environments, making your wall and floor voids a prime real estate location for an ant colony. If you notice ants indoors, you’re likely only seeing a small portion of the ants in your home. These tiny creatures are known for their remarkable social skills and, therefore, we suggest taking prompt action to eliminate the menace. The best approach to ant control is year-round prevention and maintenance.

Boxelder Bugs

In the autumn and spring seasons, boxelder bugs often make an appearance in households and commercial spaces. These small, oval-shaped creatures with a black exterior and hints of red on their backs are difficult to miss. As the colder months approach, these bugs move in large groups, seeking refuge indoors. If you happen to live on the sunny side of the street, you may find these bugs making their way into your home.

Throughout the winter season, they take refuge in the gaps between walls, where they can find shelter from the harsh and unforgiving climate. These hollowed-out spaces offer a safe and warm haven for them to spend the long, bitter nights of winter.


If you happen to relax outside or do any gardening work these days, you are likely to come across a species of wasp or two. Two types of wasps commonly found in yards or gardens are paper wasps and yellowjackets. In general, it is not difficult to spot paper wasp nests, as they tend to be visible and located near the eaves, on the patios, and at the junction of walls. Yellowjackets, one of the common species of wasps, are known for their aggressive behavior which is more intense than that of paper wasps. Another characteristic that adds to their notoriety is that their nests are safely tucked away in hard-to-find cavities such as behind sidings and buried in the ground. This makes them harder to locate and eradicate.

Spring pests are no match for Bold

Are you currently struggling to eliminate an ant colony in your bathroom, swarms of boxelder bugs invading your windows, or a busy wasp colony outside your front door? If so, the unbeatable team at Bold Servicing is here to provide you with their expert spring pest control services. Rest assured that we're already working tirelessly to rectify these pesky spring pest issues before they spiral out of control come fall. For a free estimate that could safeguard your home against bothersome spring pests, act today and contact us at (813) 618-5200.

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