4 Tips to Live Pest Free in 2023

2023 ballons and decorations

In order to live pest-free in 2023, it is essential to make simple and easy adjustments. This way homeowners can feel confident in their homes being free of any unwanted pests. Here are 4 tips for pest-free living this year!

Keep it clean

Pests are attracted to dirt, so cleaning up the mess around the house will lessen their attraction. It’s not only important to clean the areas of your home that you use regularly, but also to clean the rooms of your home often less visited. You should clean your basement, attic, and garage at least once a year to prevent pest nesting and avoid unseen pest damage.

Practice safe food storage

Trash attracts pests, so putting away leftovers promptly will discourage them from visiting your kitchen and living room. Store dry goods in sealed plastic containers, or in their original sealed packaging. Make sure to clean both your refrigerator and pantry regularly and dispose of expired food.

Seal off Entrances

Pests enter through tiny cracks or openings throughout your home. Inspect your home regularly for damage and repair as needed. Oftentimes silicone can seal-off small holes, and things like weatherstripping can be replaced relatively easily and affordably.

Hire a professional

Reclaim your time spent battling pest issues and choose experts in pest prevention. Call (813) 618-5200 for a customized treatment plan for your home, and to live pest-free in 2023.

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