Don't Let Smoky Brown Cockroaches Live Rent-Free In Your Tampa Home

Just saying the word cockroach is unsettling. Can you imagine your reaction when seeing one not crawling but flying in your Tampa home? Tampa's pests are more than the average homeowner can handle. Cockroaches are one of them. Smoky brown cockroaches are common in Tampa, Florida, where the weather is warm and humid.

They live in moist places where food sources are plentiful. These include plants, dead insects, fecal matter, food scraps, sweets, meats, and starches. Smoky brown cockroaches' lifespan averages around one year, but some can live up to two years or more. The female cockroach can lay 20-24 eggs at a time. 

Brown cockroach

Compared to the American cockroach, the smoky brown cockroach is dark brown and shiny. The nymphs are the same color as the adults, they also have wings, but nymphs do not fly. The adults have antennae and wings longer than their bodies which makes them strong fliers. The ability to fly makes it easy to look for food and a mate.

Why You Don't Want Smoky Brown Cockroaches In Your Tampa Home

Smoky brown roaches pose dangers to your family in different ways through droppings, allergens, and disease spread. When all of these come together, it can cause serious health hazards for your household. Smoky brown cockroaches produce droppings that can cause disease. The droppings contain bacteria that cause gastroenteritis, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. Smoky brown roaches themselves are not poisonous, but the proteins in their skin and saliva can cause asthma attacks, coughing, and allergic reactions.

They mostly live outdoors in gutters, sewers, mulch, dead leaves, decaying matter, and are known for feeding on bird droppings. When they do invade a home, they can easily spread germs and bacteria wherever their path crosses, from your kitchen counters to your living spaces. The waste from a smoky brown roach infestation can spread disease through contaminated food and other items in your house.

Ways To Prevent Smoky Brown Cockroaches From Getting Inside

Cockroaches prefer to be in a warm, damp place, so you will find them around windows and air conditioners as well as in sinks and bathrooms where they can find water. They are also attracted to light and can make their way indoors through open windows.

To reduce the risk of them entering your home, follow these preventative tips:

  • Seal up potential entry points around the exterior and interior of your home.

  • Ensure proper trash storage and tightly sealed trash lids.

  • Cleaning up food messes promptly.

  • Remove all sources of water in your home. Cockroaches like to crawl into places with lots of moisture.

  • Store food in airtight containers, including pet food.

  • Keep drains and gutters clean and free of debris and water.

  • Place firewood away from the home to keep it dry and well ventilated.

  • Promptly disposing of leaf litter and rotten mulch.

Fumigation is the most costly way to get rid of a smoky brown cockroach infestation. You can also try traps or strategically placed bait stations where they hide. If you find a single roach, there's no need to panic. But if you see more than one and notice that the numbers are increasing, as well as signs of droppings and egg cases, it might be time to contact a professional exterminator in Tampa. The best way to prevent or get rid of smoky brown roaches is with professional assistance from Bold Servicing. Call us today to find out more about our cockroach control options.