Are Wolf Spiders In Tampa Harmful To Humans?

All spiders have venom and fangs, but all spiders do not present the same threat level to humans. Some spiders have weak venom that your body is more than capable of fighting off. Some spiders have weak fangs that are not able to pierce your skin. We have good news and bad news when it comes to wolf spiders.

Wolf spider  

The Good News

Wolf spiders do not have potent venom. If a wolf spider bites you, it should only result in a small, raised welt on your skin. You should have no medical symptoms.

Though wolf spiders have fangs that can pierce the skin, they are mostly docile toward humans. It is even possible to handle a wolf spider without getting bitten—though we don't recommend it. If you don't startle or threaten a wolf spider, you're not likely to have it bite you.

The Bad News

  • Wolf spiders are hunter spiders. This makes them highly mobile when they get inside your home. While other spiders tend to their webs, wolf spiders are crawling around. This can bring them in contact with you while you sleep. Fortunately, this is rare. Your bedroom is not an attractive hunting ground for spiders.

  • Wolf spiders are scary looking. If you see one on you, it may cause you to freak out. This can startle the spider and cause it to bite you. If you swat it, the chance of getting a bite is even greater. The best course of action is to keep your wits about you and gently encourage the spider to get off.

  • A bite from a wolf spider can hurt. Some describe it as feeling like a pinch. Others describe it as feeling like a bee sting.

As you can see, we have mostly good news about wolf spiders. If you see a wolf spider inside your Tampa home, you needn't fear it. That spider has no interest in biting you, even if you get close to it. But that doesn't mean you want hairy spiders crawling around inside your home. Let's look at a few ways you can keep them out.

Wolf Spider Prevention

These spiders are motivated by food and moisture. If you have damp vegetation around your home, you'll provide these spiders with an ideal habitat. This will increase spider activity and make it more likely that a spider will enter your home. Once inside, the same rules apply. They will look for food and moisture. If they find them, a wolf spider might decide to stay in your home. This can be bad if it is a female. The last thing you want is a bunch of little wolf spiderlings crawling around in your home.

Outdoor Prevention

  • Clean gutters and fix plumbing issues to reduce perimeter dampness.

  • Trim bushes and thin out vegetation in your landscaping to prevent moisture from being trapped.

  • Water your plants in the morning and try to avoid overwatering.

  • Remove palm or leaf litter.

  • Reduce exterior lights that attract insects. Wolf spiders will be drawn to a perimeter with lots of insects to eat.

  • Remove objects that sit near your exterior walls.

Indoor Prevention

  • Reduce humidity in your home to make it less comfortable for wolf spiders and the insects and invertebrates they eat.

  • Keep things as clean as possible. A clean home is a pest-resistant home.

  • Keep your storage areas orderly—Wolf spiders like holes, recesses, and hiding places.

  • Pick up clutter in your home.

Seal Entry Points

As wolf spiders explore your perimeter, they will enter your Tampa home through low-lying entry points. Here are a few to consider.

  • Openings under and around your exterior doors.

  • Foundation cracks.

  • Window frame cracks and damaged seals.

  • Rotted areas between the sole plates of your home and your foundation.

  • Gaps around air conditioning units.

  • Gaps around plumbing and wire conduits.

  • Unprotected weep holes or vents.


Wolf spiders don't make webs, so it is difficult to detect them when they're exploring your perimeter routinely or when they've gotten into your home. Look for small holes in the ground as wolf spiders dig holes and hide in them. There may be webbing around the entrance to a hole in some cases to protect the wolf spiders when they retreat.

The Best Control Of Wolf Spiders

If you don't want wolf spiders inside your Tampa home, contact Bold Servicing. We offer residential service plans that include detection of wolf spiders and perimeter treatments to reduce and control insects and invertebrates that provide a food source for wolf spiders. We can guide you in selecting the right plan for your Tampa home and help you keep wolf spiders out.