How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches On Your Tampa, FL Property

The Tampa, FL area is beautiful and full of sunshine. It's also full of pests that want to invade your property. One such pest is the cockroach. Cockroaches have a flattened oval-shaped body, six legs, antennae on their head, and are known for transmitting bacteria and diseases. The most common species to watch for include:

  • American Cockroaches: This species boasts a dark reddish-brown color and is about three inches long. They also have wings and can fly although flight is uncommon in this species.
  • German Cockroaches: This species of cockroach is brown or tan in color and only makes it to about 5/8th of an inch in length. They are the most common home invaders found in the U.S.
  • Oriental Cockroaches: Growing to about an inch in length, this species is also the filthiest since they play around in water lines and sewer lines. They are black in color and have a smooth, shiny body.

Cockroaches are extremely tough to the point they can adapt to almost any type of environment. This adaptability even applies to food sources. Unlike other pests, this one has specialized enzymes that let them digest nearly any material, which means almost anything can be food for cockroaches. 

Two cockroaches eating scraps

What Lets Them Get Inside

You won't like it, but cockroaches get in the same as any other pest does. Things like cracks, holes, or crevices might as well be tunnels considering how easily they get inside through these openings. Also, they're known for getting into packages and boxes, which means it's also likely you brought them inside on your own.

In the case of Oriental cockroaches, they'll usually get in through the sewer line or water line thanks to their love of wet locations. Look for extra space between any pipes and the wall/flooring surrounding the pipe.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Won't Work

It's instinctual for people to spring into action once they notice a cockroach inside the house. However, the infestation is usually large by the time you see one in the open. Also, cockroaches have a few advantages that make it extremely difficult to deal with on your own such as:

  • Small Size: Tiny pests mean easy ways to hide and stay out of the danger range. For this reason alone, you'll never catch all of the cockroaches.
  • Resilience: Cockroaches can live for a month without food and up to a week without water or their head. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and drowning. Good luck finding ways to eliminate them.
  • Speed: Even if you see them, that doesn't mean you'll catch them. This pest can reach speeds of about three miles per hour.
  • Rapid Reproduction: With the ability to lay up to 48 eggs at a time, even a concentrated DIY approach just doesn't reach far and wide enough to effectively eliminate all of the cockroaches from your Tampa property.

Say Goodbye To Cockroaches With Bold Servicing

Seeing cockroaches in or around your Tampa, FL property is disconcerting at best and a huge problem at worst. They're annoying and they're dangerous to your health. That's why our team at Bold Servicing offers a top-of-the-line cockroach control program that works. We owe the success of our program to our method of inspecting your property, identifying the cockroach species, and developing a customized treatment plan.

We not only offer a program to eliminate the cockroaches, but also a program that's designed to keep them away so you'll never have to deal with cockroaches again. If you suspect or observe a cockroach problem, give our team at Bold Servicing a call to discuss why our cockroach control program could be the solution you need.

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