Just How Dangerous Are The Fleas In Tampa?

When you imagine fleas, you probably immediately think of a pest that’s only a problem for pets and other animals. However, this isn’t the case. While it’s true that fleas use animals as hosts, and don’t live on humans, they can still pose many problems for people. And, contrary to popular belief, fleas aren’t just a concern for households with pets, as even homes without animals can get fleas too. 

Up close flea

There are actually around 2,500 different flea species found throughout the world, but the most common kind of flea in Tampa, Florida is the cat flea. While it’s not easy to spot fleas, it’s still useful to know what they look like as they are about the size of a small seed. They are reddish-brown in color and have oval-shaped bodies.

Since this tiny pest species is quite difficult to see with the human eye, you can also look for other indicators of flea infestations. Some of the most frequent signs of a flea problem include finding dark flecks in your carpets and furniture, noticing that pets are biting and scratching their fur, and discovering tan-colored egg casings around your home.

How Do Flea Infestations Start?

Since fleas can’t catch a ride on human hosts, they are usually brought onto a property through an animal. While pets can bring fleas inside, having wild animals or other pests such as rodents on your property can also lead to flea infestations. Fleas pass from animal to animal, and when they aren’t living on a host, they are found in shady areas like bushes and tall grass where they wait for a host to walk past.

Fleas can also be brought inside if you purchase second-hand items that are already infested. While fleas are commonly found on upholstered furniture such as couches and chairs, other items like carpets and rugs can also host fleas. So, it’s always a good idea to check these items for signs of fleas before purchasing.

Are Fleas Dangerous?

Fleas might not seem like that big of a deal since they only live on animals, but they can also spread illness to people. Fleas cause health problems for pets as well as their human companions, and some of the pathogens they carry can lead to severe illnesses. They are common carriers of bartonellosis, typhus, and even plague.

Flea Prevention Steps

While many Tampa area property owners don’t even think about fleas, they are more prevalent than you’d think. Because they are so widespread, it’s important to take steps to prevent them whether you have pets in your household or not.

Here are a few of the best flea prevention tips:

  • If you do have pets, work with your vet year-round to keep them protected using medications or products like flea collars.
  • Keep wildlife out of your yard by installing fences, removing bird feeders, and covering outdoor garbage cans.
  • Deter rodents from coming onto your property by cleaning up food spills and taking out the trash often.
  • Clear out yard debris regularly and keep vegetation trimmed and maintained.
  • Regularly vacuum and sweep throughout the building.

Where To Get Help With Fleas

The best way to prevent and control fleas is with help from your vet and the pest control experts at BOLD Servicing. We offer both residential and commercial pest control options at competitive prices.

To learn more or get started, contact us today for your free quote!

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