Bed Bug Infestation Beginnings Tampa Edition

Tampa's warm, moist climate provides the perfect environment for insects, and many insects live in our yards and come in through the exteriors of our homes. Bed bugs don't live in our yards; they live almost exclusively indoors. This is the first thing you need to understand if you're looking to keep bed bugs out of your home. Now that we've covered that, let's discuss a few ways a bed bug infestation might start. 

Bed bug

Used Furniture

If you buy used furniture or pick up a piece of furniture for free, you can get bed bugs. The furniture item doesn't need to be a mattress, box spring, or bed frame. Bed bugs can live in upholstered furniture or in the recesses of wood furniture. Before bringing them into your Tampa home, be sure to inspect all furniture items thoroughly. Here are a few warning signs to look for:

  • Black or brown stains on fabrics.

  • Black streaks on surfaces.

  • Shed insect skins stuck to fabrics or hidden inside seams.

  • Tiny white eggs.

  • And, of course, the presence of bed bugs huddled together or crawling around.

Used Electronics

If you buy an electronic device or some other item that has a void within, you could bring bed bugs into your home. An alarm clock or a personal computer can be the perfect home for bed bugs. Use the tips given above to find warning signs of bed bug infestation.


If you go on a vacation or spend the night somewhere locally, you can accidentally pick up bed bugs and bring them home with you. Bed bugs crawl into luggage, bags, and other carriables. When they do, they hide in gaps, creases, and voids. Here are a few tips to help you keep bed bugs from getting into your luggage.

  • When you go on vacation, put your bags in the bathroom (or leave them in your vehicle) and do an inspection of your room. Check for black feces, brown stains, sheds skins, white eggs, or the presence of bed bugs on pillowcases, sheets, bedding, mattress seams, and around the bed.

  • Use an essential oil, such as lavender to keep bed bugs out of your luggage and bags.

  • When you return from staying somewhere, inspect your luggage for signs of bed bug activity or eggs.


When you stay somewhere on vacation, or when your kids stay overnight somewhere, bed bugs can come back in clothing items. Bed bugs will likely get into dirty clothes because they're attracted to the scent of humans. Here are a few tips to help you prevent bed bugs from getting into your home this way.

  • When staying anywhere, put laundry items into a sealed bag. A garbage bag and a bread tie are enough to get this job done.

  • Put all your laundry items through a 30-minute dryer cycle. This kills bed bugs in all stages of development.

Book Bags And Duffel Bags 

When your kids go to school or you go to work, you can accidentally pick up bed bugs and bring them home. This happens when bed bugs transfer from one item to another. You may be able to prevent this transfer. Here are a few tips:

  • Refrain from placing your bags next to the bags of other students or work colleagues.

  • Refrain from placing bags in dark voids, such as shared lockers.

  • If you're able to do so, put your bags through a 30-minute dryer cycle if you suspect bed bugs have gotten into them.

Surprising Places Bed Bugs Infestations Have Started

Infestations have been traced back to sources you probably wouldn't expect. Here are just a few:

  • Movie theaters

  • Libraries

  • Retail clothing stores

  • Taxis

  • Buses

  • Planes

  • Nursing homes

  • Daycares

  • Office spaces

Every time you leave your home, you have a chance to come in contact with bed bugs. They can be found in many public places and in surprising locations, such as bed bug eggs stuck to hardback books on loan from the public library. It is impossible to prevent bed bug infestations all the time.

What To Do About A Bed Bug Infestation

Should you ever find bed bugs in your Tampa home, remember that Bold Servicing is always available to assist you with all of your pest concerns. We offer industry-leading bed bug control services for Tampa residents and business owners. Our licensed pest management professionals use a strategy of professional inspections, targeted treatments, and follow-up inspections to ensure complete control of bed bug infestations in Tampa. This strategy is field-tested and backed by experts in the pest control industry. We'll make sure no bugs remain. Connect with us today for immediate assistance.

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