Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Tampa Home?

We don’t often think about how the circle of life takes place within our very homes. Our behavior attracts pests which, in turn, attract predators that hunt them. This cycle is precisely why it’s important to clamp down on pest populations right away, rather than waiting for a problem to grow to a point that it attracts other, potentially more harmful, pests like spiders. 

Black and brown spider

Spiders That Typically Invade Homes

Most spider species you see are largely harmless. While all spiders can bite if provoked, and they all have venom in their fangs, most species aren’t dangerous enough to cause anything more than an itchy mark on the skin. That said, some species of spiders are more dangerous, with potent venom that can cause more serious symptoms. Here are some species to watch for especially:

  • Black Widow Spiders: Pitch black except for bright red marks on their bellies, black widows are one of the two most venomous species in North America.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders: The other dangerous species is the brown recluse. These are often mistaken for other, less harmful species. That’s why you should call the pros to identify a pest population.
  • Wolf Spiders: While not as venomous as these others, wolf spiders are large and cunning predators that only inhabit properties with existing pest infestations. They are a sign of larger pest issues and you should contact professionals immediately if you begin seeing them on your property.

Why Do They Invade In The First Place?

Unlike other invasive critters, spiders are only coming in because other pests that they eat are already there. They don’t forage for scraps and spiders can survive outdoors in freezing temperatures, so they don’t even require the warmth and shelter of our properties. Spider problems are always a sign of a larger pest infestation. They are only there because other pests have invaded. Rather than focusing on the spiders themselves, you should focus on ways to limit overall factors that bring pests inside.

Prevention Measures For Your Home

To truly keep spiders and other pests out, you need to address the attractants around your property that draw pests near. Here are some of the most important ways to do this:

  • Food Storage: Keeping your food well-secured and deep cleaning for crumbs and spills will reduce the attractants of foraging pests that spiders hunt.
  • Trash Storage: Pests are also attracted to food waste, so throwing your trash away properly and in full enclosed bins is optimal.
  • Crack Sealing: Tiny bugs can make it inside of structures through small cracks or holes in walls. Spiders can, too, which is why you should check your exterior regularly and fix any faults that you find. 

True Protection Comes For Professional Services

Because you’re never quite sure if a spider is harmful or not, the best course of action to deal with them is to call an expert to examine your property. Not only can a trained professional determine if there is danger, but they can also help identify the existing pest populations that might be attracting spiders to invade. Only by addressing the root of the infestation can you truly stop the cycle of pests, which is why the best course of action is to contact pest control experts. At Bold Servicing, we can help make sure that your property is free of spiders or the bugs that attract them. Not only can we address whatever problems we spot during an inspection, but we can also provide you with treatments that protect you from future problems. Don’t wait until you spot a spider to worry about what might be attracting them to your home, call Bold Servicing right away.

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